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La vida del estudiante de arquitectura en Gif´s de gatos - (Life of an arch student in cat gifs)


Because I don’t feel like working on my form z for the half hour i have before studio…

Getting a new project:

“Brainstorming” (aka procrastinating):

Brilliant idea hits:

Realize you only have a week until your review:

Someone touches the model you have been working on for 48 hours straight:

In class after an all-nigher:

Your professor looking at your work:

Finally reaching your bed again:

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#42 Master the way you speak as you would master the way you design.

We spend so much time with mastering our craft of designing and building, but when it comes to presenting or even chatting about our projects with a friend over lunch, we are not as prepared as we should be.

To be a great designer you must be able to speak well about your work.  This is especially important when entering the professional field.  You have to be able to speak to clients and the way you speak to them will dictate how much they believe in you to make them happy.

Communication is the key to success.

If you find yourself unconfident in the way you present, here are a few ways you can practice how to speak well:

  1. Watch presentations and lectures.  You will subconsciously pick up on how people speak and communicate with their audience. 
  2. Read.  The more you read, the more you will pick up on sentence structure and hierarchy of information.  Books are written to capture and organize an originally scattered idea.
  3. Talk to people about your projects.  If the only time you talk about your project to someone else is during a jury, you’re doing it wrong.
  4. Write about your project.  I’m not saying write a book, but even writing a little about your project will allow you to think in a different direction.  Instead of asking “should I glue this here?” you ask “Is this what I mean to say?”  There is a difference.

* I wrote this one in honor of finals month.  Good luck with finals everybody!!  I know its getting close!! :)

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Proyecto del Museo de la Aviación presentado en el 11º encuentro de escuelas de arquitectura de la UIC 2012.

Karla Valencia y Gina P. Bucio, alumnas de la Universidad Marista del 6º semestre.


Museo de Aviación :D by: Karla y Gina

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